Big tire OUTDOOR Fitness BootCamp
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10 reasons why you are worth it And deserve THE RESULTS the BIG TIRE OUTDOOR FITNESS BOOTCAMP WILL GET YOU!

  1. Get faster results in 30 minutes

Burn more fat, lose more weight, have more energy than traditional boring and ineffective gym workouts. Let's face it, everyone is busy and time is very precious. You don't have hours to spend in the gym everyday only to not get the results that you want. We have taken the most time efficient and effective functional workouts and stacked them together to create the Big Tire Outdoor Fitness Bootcamp. In 30 minutes you will get more results and do more towards improving your health than most get in 1 week with traditional workouts.


We do things differently here. Burn up to 3x the calories as traditional workouts. When you experience how you can train in 30 minutes and the results you will get, you won't want to train anywhere else. Our high intensity interval training will push you to your limits. Enjoy a variety of workouts with energetic music and clear instructions.

3. stay motivated and accountable

What do we mean by accountable? When was the last time your gym contacted you to ask where you have been if they have not seen you in a while? I am guessing probably never. We will reach out to you if we haven’t seen you in a while or you missed a scheduled class. Why? Because we genuinely value and care about our clients and know from experience that consistency gets results and we are committed to your success and supporting your individual journey. Consistency is KEY to making RESULTS happen. Therefore, ACCOUNTABILITY is what makes the Big Tire Outdoor Fitness Bootcamp the best option for achieving the results you deserve. COACHES

Our coaches are attentive to proper form and technique and can adapt exercises for you. Let us know about physical limitations or injuries before you get started and we will set you up for personal success.

  5.  SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN, real world results

The Big Tire Bootcamp fitness system is based on REAL exercise science and is the result of over 20 years of development and testing. Scientifically designed to burn fat while maintaining muscle while making you strong and conditioned. You will build strength, endurance and agility to conquer your daily routine and help you meet the physical activity recommendations for healthy adults.


The Big Tire Outdoor Fitness Bootcamp uses our own proprietary levels system. A color-coded achievement system that members earn as they achieve new levels of fitness. This serves as a reminder to clients of the commitment they are making to themselves and demonstrates to the world the commitment they are making to health and fitness.  It is NOT about competing with anyone else…it’s all about being better than you were yesterday. You prove this to yourself by progressing through the level system. This is not a "get a participation" medal system, these levels are hard earned.

  7. Family friendly Workout Environment

Work out in a challenging and supportive family friendly environment. Families with children over the age of 13 are welcome. The family that works out together, GETS STRONG TOGETHER! Bringing a new meaning to the phrase Generational Health! You become who you are surrounded by, therefore a Supportive Community of like-minded people will MOTIVATE and INSPIRE you!


You will workout as part of a small rotating "unit". Each workout consists of 10 stations. Your small unit (4-6 members) rotates through each station where you will work continuously for 2 minutes, followed by a 1 minute rest/ transition to the next station. Go at your own pace and feed off the energy from the group.

  9. FUN challenges and community events

In addition to the fat burning, strength building Bootcamp classes. Members enjoy ongoing challenges and community events. Once a month members may "test" their level of fitness on the Big Tire Obstacle Course. A 22 Obstacle, go at your own pace, "O" Course. The goal is to test your fitness progression and conditioning.


EPOC stands for Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption which is the increase in oxygen uptake your body experiences after exercise. As your body continues to consume oxygen at an elevated rate, your body continues to burn calories, even after you exercise. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the most effective way to stimulate the EPOC effect. That extra burn can translate into more total calories burned, additional weight loss benefits and an enhanced performance during each session!

We are committed to your success if you are. We guarantee results and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

It’s all about results! 
get more results in 30 minutes
than most people get in 1 week!


Our program uses movements that are similar to those you use every day, making them not only safe, but highly effective. You’ll do things like battling ropes, lift weights and push-ups. You’ll jump, squat, run, push and pull! You’ll flip some tires, use a sledgehammer, and throw sandbags! When you combine all of these functional movements with high levels of intensity (which you’ll learn how to do), you get results!
We keep our program varied so that every time you come to class, you’re doing something very different from your last session. We know that you don’t have the time to commit hours and hours of your week to exercise. With our emphasis on intensity, you’ll reach your goals by showing up (and working hard!) three or four times per week-- that’s it!


The Big Tire Outdoor Fitness Bootcamp is guaranteed to help you BURN FAT, TONE UP, REDUCE STRESS, FEEL GREAT and GET the RESULTS that you have been looking for!
Work out in a family friendly, challenging environment while you GET RESULTS, MANAGE YOUR STRESS and BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM.
We’ve been fortunate to help thousands of amazing people transform their health. We focus on real results with long term wellness in mind. Our program is based upon years of collective experience and scientifically based guidance to ensure weight and inches are lost in a safe and sustainable way.


The benefits of strength training are tremendous, and the long term and short term effects are worth their weight in gold. Reap rewards like more enjoyable workouts, increased confidence, increased tendon/ligament strength, and increased bone density. And if that's not enough, strength training helps make your daily activities seem easier and less taxing.
Functional Fitness, whether done in a group setting or one-on-one, is the best way we know of to get you results. 


We do more than just exercise, we understand you must change your mindset for new habits to stick. It all starts with becoming more mindful and being aware of our body & mind connection. Our experts will guide you to look inward and discover an awareness like never before.
One of the benefits that most of us can benefit from is a reduction in stress levels when you exercise. Getting your heart rate up a little can help you manage mental and physical stress and it also promotes the release of a chemical called norepinephrine that helps control your brain's stress response and allows your body to be able to deal with any existing mental tension a lot easier.


Lose Weight, Burn Fat

Elaine H.

Kapolei, HI

Busy mother of 3
Lost 32lbs.

Joeff M.

Ewa Beach, HI

Husband and father
construction worker
Lost 25lbs.

Tresea A.

Ewa Beach, HI

Medical assistant and student
Lost 49lbs.

Rebecca K.

Waipahu, HI

Sales Executive and mother of 2
Lost 36lbs.

Get Fit, Stay Fit

Kylie R.

Kunia, HI

Fitness Competitor

"This bootcamp is by far one the best ways I have found to stay fit and energized."


Denver, CO

US Navy

"I enjoy the variety and intensity of the workouts. It helps support my overall PT."

Marol T.

Kapolei, HI


"I am very busy, so I like the quick and effective classes. I get in, get out and get on with my life."

Shanee R.

Ewa Beach, HI

Teacher, wife and mother of 4

"I am very proud of myself and grateful to Big Tire Bootcamp. I am finally seeing results after struggling with weight my whole life. I feel like I am a better wife and mother."

We Keep You Accountable!

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what would you pay for 10 extra years of great health?

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The time for thinking has long past, now is the time for action. We have all been dealt an unthinkable hand and over the past 24+ months each of us has been forced to adapt to an entirely new set of rules in our businesses and in our lives. 

The good news is that you are not alone. The bad news is...the old strategies, tactics, and ways of thinking will no longer serve you in our new normal. To thrive in the new climate, you must be nimble and adopt new strategies to advance with time. 
These tires aren't going to flip themselves
take action now and claim the life you deserve...
Big Tire Outdoor Fitness Bootcamp is a Community Service Project by For Fathers Fitness we believe that success is the result of hard work, education and persistence.  Examples given should not be considered typical and there is never a guarantee of results.  Information is recommended in nature and is not legal or professional medical advice.  By using this website or any related materials you agree to take full responsibility for your own results, or lack thereof.  Our team is always here to help, but you should always do your own due diligence before making any investment or taking any risk. Do not attempt to start a HIIT program or any fitness program if you have uncontrolled hypertension, COPD, recent heart attack, heart disease, unmanageable diabetes, or if you have not been exercising with some consistency within the last 3 months. Speak with your doctor if HIIT is new to you or are unsure before attempting. Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility.

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